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We’ve answered a LOT of questions for Women’s Health magazine over the last few years. Here are some articles we’ve contributed to. We’ve tackled everything from watching TV on the treadmill to choosing tunes to keep you energized.

We’ve listed the topic and the link to the magazine.

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Is there any such thing as “targeted toning?” Greg answers the question for Women’s Health magazine….

Targeted Weight Loss Isn’t Real. But What About Toning?

Want to sculpt your arms or tighten your butt? Make sure you read this first.

How Do You Use A Leg Curl Machine?    Greg explains how here.

What to Do When People Don’t Wipe Down Fitness Equipment, Plus Two More Annoying Gym Behaviors SOLVED

Read this to prevent a sweaty fit of rage.

Why You’re MORE Sore Two Days After You Exercise

Experts share the reason behind the post-workout feeling you love to hate.

 3 Ultra-Effective Exercise Machines You’re Not Using, But Should Be

Don’t let these babies go unnoticed.

 Fitness Faceoff: Indoor Cycling vs. Biking Outside

Read this before your next ride.

 “How Can I Tell If My Weights Are Heavy Enough?”

The simple trick to help you know if you’re pushing yourself too hard—or not enough!

 Q&A: How Accurate Are Cardio Machines’ Calorie Burn Displays?

What you don’t know could be hurting your workout and your waistline.

 Q & A: How Can I Turn Exercise Into a Permanent Habit?

How to make sweating it out second nature.

 3 Signs You’re Dehydrated

Thirst isn’t the only tipoff that you need to drink up.

 What Exercises Should You Avoid During Your Period?

What NOT to do during that time of the month.

 Q&A: How Bad Is It To Watch TV While on The Treadmill?

The Playlist That’ll Help You Get More Out of Your Gym Time

This mix from AYC Health & Fitness will keep you pumped throughout your entire sweat session.

Why Does Running Sometimes Give You The Runs?

How to put the brakes on those inconvenient potty breaks.

 3 Signs You’re In A Fitness Rut…

…And how to bust out of it ASAP!

 The Easy Way to Get More Out of Your Gym Time

You’ve got to steal this trick from Amanda Seyfried.

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