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Health Benefits of Organic Fruits & Vegetables

Organic fruits & vegetables - worth the price for the health benefits? The term "organic" has become something of a marketing term in the last few years, particularly in terms of fruits and vegetables. Many companies use the term to justify an increased price over traditional options, clouding the benefits that true organic [...]

Top 5 Training Mistakes Made in the Weight Room

Top 5 Weight Room Training Mistakes David Justice AYC Health & Fitness Certified Personal Trainer Anybody who goes to the gym regularly has encountered others who make you scratch your head and wonder what it is they are trying to accomplish during the course of their workout. While these individuals [...]

Yoga – 5 Reasons to Add it to your Sports Performance Training

Yoga - 5 Reasons to Add it to your Sports Performance Training What do you think about when you hear the words, "yoga"? If you think of lots of breathing, fit women in yoga pants and crunchy hippies, then you're missing the point of yoga -- as well as its many benefits. Today, more [...]

Prevention Magazine

Articles for Prevention Magazine AYC Health & Fitness has contributed to several health and fitness articles for Prevention magazine over the last few years. Here is a sampling... Greg programmed a summer workout for the readers of Prevention magazine... 6 Exercises That Will Help You Stop Fearing Skimpy Summer Clothes http://www.prevention.com/fitness/best-exercises-summer-clothes Find [...]

Hatha Yoga Kansas City Style: Calming Minds and Relieving Stress

Hatha Yoga Kansas City Style: Calming Minds and Relieving Stress The numerous physical health benefits of a yoga practice are undisputed. Hatha yoga, a branch of this ancient discipline, is often considered to be the most practical form of yoga. By combining a deep focus on the breath with postures known as asanas, [...]

What is Stott Pilates?

What is Stott Pilates? Anyone who participates in a rigorous exercise routine knows that there are good workouts and bad ones. The worst ones can leave you seriously injured if you do not stretch your muscles carefully and position your body correctly. The good news is that there is a conditioning method called Stott [...]

Pilates in Kansas City: Why Pro Athletes do Pilates

Professional Athletes and Pilates We see all types of athletes at our facility offering Pilates in Kansas City. They range from those interested in keeping fit to those going for a spot on a professional team. But for some reason, Pilates, much like yoga -- has garnered a reputation as being the domain of [...]

AYC Fitness Experts Answer Questions for Women’s Health Magazine

Articles for Women's Health Magazine We've answered a LOT of questions for Women's Health magazine over the last few years. Here are some articles we've contributed to. We've tackled everything from watching TV on the treadmill to choosing tunes to keep you energized. We've listed the topic and the link to the [...]

Kansas City’s Original Personal Training Studio

AYC Health & Fitness, Kansas City's Original Personal Training  Studio The AYC Health & Fitness Story Greg in the KC Star - 1986 I founded At Your Convenience Personal Fitness Training, now known as AYC Health & Fitness, in May 1986 and my first training session happened on June 22. With gross revenue [...]

Increasing Core Strength and Mobility with One-On-One Pilates Training

Increase Core Strength and Mobility with One-On-One Pilates Training Pilates has a number of amazing benefits. According to the University of Utah's health care research, Pilates helps to develop a strong core, provides spinal stability and helps tissues to heal. AYC Health & Fitness offers one-on-one Pilates sessions in addition to its small group [...]