Increase Core Strength and Mobility with One-On-One Pilates Training

AYC Health and Fitness Pilates StudioPilates has a number of amazing benefits. According to the University of Utah’s health care research, Pilates helps to develop a strong core, provides spinal stability and helps tissues to heal.

AYC Health & Fitness offers one-on-one Pilates sessions in addition to its small group sessions and partner sessions. This allows us to provide individualized Pilates instruction in Kansas City, regardless of your experience. Whether you are an absolute beginner who needs help getting started to seasoned athletes accustomed to high-intensity exercises, we provide a customized Pilates regimen for you.

In addition to spinal stability, Pilates helps individuals to recover from injuries more quickly and, in some cases, to completely recover from their injuries. These exercises also help correct any muscle imbalances which naturally occur in our bodies.

The benefits of Pilates are not limited to those who are sick or injured, however: it can help to maximize overall body strength, which helps to complement other workouts and your overall physical fitness. Pilates also provide a boost to flexibility and motor control, which are benefits the continue long after you’ve finished your workout. These exercises often even improve breathing, which makes exercise and all other movements far easier.

Pilates is also a great workout for those just starting to get into shape. As the Pilates website points out, these exercises strengthen abdominal muscles as you exercise. This leads to flatter, stronger abdominals through indoor workouts that you can continue year-round.

Pilates is designed to provide a workout for the entire body–while traditional exercises may run the risk of the individual developing a muscle imbalance by exercising certain muscles too much and others too little, Pilates helps condition the entire body, all the way down to your feet. When the entire body is regularly conditioned through Pilates exercises, then it’s ready for anything your life can throw at it!

While Pilates is just one aspect of the services offered by AYC Health & Fitness, we have made it one of our premiere specialties. We specialize in Stott Pilates, which builds upon the original ideas created by Joseph Pilates combined with the latest research in spinal rehab and boosting the performance of athletes. This makes Pilates the perfect exercise for individuals of all ages and backgrounds–from competitive athletes seeking to get an edge to individuals trying to lose weight or recover from injury.

Trina Warren, our Pilates Director, has a dance background and discovered Pilates while rehabbing from a dance injury. She is STOTT Pilates certified, meaning that she has trained for over 180 hours through a combination of classroom hours, professional observations, a number of specialized and assessments and, of course, teaching. Pilates is already among the safest and most effective exercises in the world, and Trina is the very best!

Here’s what one of her clients has to say…

“I love my Pilates instructor, Trina Warren. She attends my workout with an eye on best performance and repetition, keeping a constant check on how my body is behaving during the hour. She follows my attempts during my session to insure that my best efforts emerge.  She varies the workout weekly, counts the repetitions for me, and responds with a smiling “good” when it is performed correctly.

She is interested in any body part that does not feel just right and will work with me to correct the problem. I am consequently more mobile, in less pain, and know how to correct a problem at home. I am more aware of proper posture and try perfecting mine. She pushes me to try to reach higher goals.

I am grateful that she is here and that I am able to work with her.”   – Margaret Goldstein

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