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Juvo Board – AYC Health and Fitness

Melissa, AYC Juvo Board instructor

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June 25th at 9am (cardio focus)

June 25th at 10am (Pilates focus)

Each class is suitable for all levels.

How can Juvo Board transform your fitness?

Latin for help or assist, Juvo is an exciting new movement in fitness. Designed to support individuals of all fitness levels in the quest for strong, healthy bodies and minds, Juvo Board allows AYC to create endless workout routines for our clients on a single, revolutionary surface, safely.

From SUP (stand-up paddle board) fitness and functional strength training exercises to gentle yoga and mobility drills, Juvo Board’s Balance and Elevate settings let you choose a difficulty level that’s right for your body.

Juvo Board in Kansas City…

We offer several weekly Juvo Board classes each week.  Classes are kept small (no more than 6) to ensure that everyone gets the attention and instruction they need.

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Looking for a more personalized approach to Juvo Board? We can customize a program just for you. We’ll begin with an initial consultation. Then, each one-on-one or duet session will be designed to address your needs and goals.

Call us today at 913-642-4437 for more information.

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