Personal trainers in Kansas City offer small group fitness classes

If you’re looking for a more social experience when it comes to your fitness, but you still want the attention and accountability that comes with personal training, why not combine the best of both worlds with small group fitness training? This method of training is becoming increasingly popular with personal trainers in Kansas City because it benefits them as well as you!

But what is it, exactly?

Small Group Fitness Training vs. Traditional Personal Training

The traditional form of personal training involves one trainer instructing one client. However, with small group fitness training, one trainer works with a group of four to ten clients. There may be exceptions where a group fitness training session may have more than 10 participants, however, if the group becomes too large, the element of individual, personal attention can be lost. That’s why at AYC Health & Fitness, we keep our small group classes to a maximum of 8 people.

What are some of the benefits of Small Group Fitness ?

Increased Motivation to Perform: A benefit of small group training is increased motivation from other participants in your group. In one-on-one training, even if your personal trainer is a very good motivator, if you don’t feel like working out that day you simply won’t put in the effort. However, a small group can provide that extra motivation and encouragement without being too intimidating or overwhelming.

Social Connections: Most of the time, relationships are established and friendships are made during small group fitness training. This helps everyone involved to become regular participants in the group. Creating these kinds of connections helps to keep you accountable and meet your fitness goals.

What can I expect from Small Group Fitness Training?

Attention to Details: As the class is big enough to be considered fun, but still small enough for that personal attention to technique, trainers are able to coach and instruct in detail, as well as motivate their clients.

Variety: You can expect different types of exercises compared to what is done in a large (15+) group fitness class. One example is equipment-based workouts. Use of kettlebells in a small group fitness training session could include figure eights, plank rows, squats, and swings, as long as there is sufficient space for everyone to move around. With everyone using the same equipment, the trainer is able to coach and instruct the group as a whole on correct form, as well as walk around and instruct clients individually.

Another example included in small group training is circuit training. During this type of small group training, various stations are set up by the trainer for one to two clients to visit at a time. Each participant completes a specific number of sets or amount of time before moving onto the next station. The circuits can also be tailored to the fitness level of the group. Basic exercises for beginners can include push-ups and bodyweight squats, while advanced clients can be provided with more challenging circuits.

No matter what type of small group fitness workout you decide to try with any personal trainers in Kansas City, make sure you find a trainer who focuses on the clients’ goals. If you are looking for goal-oriented personal trainers in Kansas City, AYC Health & Fitness has been known since 1986 as one of the best fitness centers in Kansas City. At our studio, we provide personal training services, including small group fitness training, with professional and motivating trainers who will inspire you to succeed. Call AYC Health & Fitness today at 913-642-4437 or click to book a consultation and find out more on how we can help you reach your fitness goals.

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