What is Stott Pilates?

AYC private Pilates studio at 79th and State Line in Prarie Village, KSAnyone who participates in a rigorous exercise routine knows that there are good workouts and bad ones. The worst ones can leave you seriously injured if you do not stretch your muscles carefully and position your body correctly.

The good news is that there is a conditioning method called Stott Pilates that helps you to exercise your muscles, protect your joints and keep your back in good condition. With Stott Pilates in Kansas City, you round out your workout regimen with exercises that ensure long-term muscle and joint health.


Many people are familiar with the Pilates method of exercise. Pilates, devised originally by Joseph H. Pilates, focuses on strengthening the muscles of the core. The intended purpose is to support the spine and promote fitness and balance. Stott Pilates is an adaptation of the traditional Pilates method. In the 1980s, dancer Moira Merrithew practiced Pilates as part of a conditioning regimen for her career in ballet. She changed her own Pilates routines to emphasize the natural curvature of the spine, instead of staying in the very straight-backed positions called for by traditional Pilates. She called it Stott Pilates, although the name eventually changed to Stott Conditioning after a trademark dispute.

Approaches to Stott Pilates

The Stott Pilates approach focuses on supporting the spine, but also promotes healthy growth of the muscles surrounding the joint by following principles:

  • even breathing
  • pelvic and lumbar stabilization
  • placement of the cervical spine
  • movement of the ribcage, shoulders, and neck


As part of a comprehensive exercise regimen, Stott can help to strengthen the muscles surrounding one’s joints and minimize the likelihood of strain. For example, many people hunch their shoulders while doing various exercises related to the upper body. With Stott, one focuses on keeping their breathing even and located in the ribcage, so that they are less likely to constrict their shoulder blades. This can promote more effective conditioning and prevents pain in the neck and shoulders. In addition, it can help improve posture and increase overall core strength, stability, and mobility.

The perfect exercise program is one that challenges and helps you grow but keeps you from putting too much strain on your body. Adding Stott conditioning routines to your exercise regimen may be exactly what you need to strengthen and tone your muscles while giving your back the support it needs. Call AYC Health & Fitness today at 913-642-4437 or click to book a consultation.